• Title:Don't Play (Explicit)
  • Artist:Polo G;Lil Baby
  • Album:Hall of Fame 2.0 (Explicit)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Don't Play (Explicit) - Polo G/Lil Baby
    Lyrics by:Taurus Bartlett/Dominique Armani Jones
    Composed by:Taurus Bartlett/Dominique Armani Jones
    Polo G:

    Uh uh
    In a Hellcat watch me race and drift
    That lil' boy a problem don't play with him
    Like to ride in traffic with the Drac' gripped
    We'll wipe his nose like a handkerchief
    Say you ridin' for him then you dyin' for him
    Like a crash dummy leave him layin' still
    We was sellin' white like Taylor Swift
    Pockets weak he ain't got no way to live
    Club action-packed all night
    Jayson Tatum what I ball like
    I be pimpin' got a lot of bad b***hes
    Mike Vick start a dog fight
    Got a smart mouth but her jaw's nice
    Neck on freeze all ice
    We been stackin' bands to a tall height
    Leave 100K at the mall life uh
    F**k it off again Las Vegas MGM uh
    Bad b***h shoot my shot just like I'm playin' in the gym
    She showed all her friends what I say in her DMs
    Drippin' all this water can my haters even swim
    Lil Baby:
    Sellin' iCarly
    I'm unstoppable n***as can't guard me
    Go up top I'm too rich to be arguin'
    I been chillin' I hope you ain't thinking I lost it
    I gave her salaries I'm on that boss s**t
    I don't play no ball but you play we gon' cross you
    She wanna f**k with the kid 'cause I'm saucy
    If you wanna ride with you know it's gon' cost you
    I do what I want to and I'm ready
    It's F90 this b***h litty
    I'm confident bet whatever they bettin'
    I don't play games I'm not that petty
    Full-court press I'm not gon' let up
    I don't care I guess I'm fed up
    I'm doin' good but could be better
    I don't talk much but I ain't gon' shut up
    Always on it why the f**k would I waste time
    If I get a shot I'ma take mine
    Watch me score like LeBron up the baseline
    They left me in the dark like I can't shine
    From the rain now it's Rolls-Royce umbrellas
    Velveeta that boy got dumb cheddar
    I'm just chasin' paper ain't know nothin' else
    I ain't losin' sleep 'bout a b***h no I won't stress her
    Leave a ho then I move onto somethin' better
    Catch 'em peepin' the drip I'ma jump at 'em
    Mike Amiri and new Saint Laurent sweater
    And I always pop out with my young steppers
    They all on go all he need is one gesture
    Keep on gassin' 'em up 'til that pump wet him
    N***as diss on the gang and they touch stretchers
    Torch his top turn his homies to pallbearers