• Title:Young N Dumb (Explicit)
  • Artist:Polo G
  • Album:Hall of Fame 2.0 (Explicit)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Young N Dumb (Explicit) - Polo G
    Lyrics by:Taurus Bartlett/Joshua Howard Luellen
    Composed by:Taurus Bartlett/Joshua Howard Luellen
    We was out here gangbangin'
    Now I'm posted on the block my chain swingin'
    Oh to be young and dumb
    Don't believe in 1 on 1's
    30 clip the AR and we love them drums
    From where n***as die gotta be smart and keep you a gun
    My homie died heard his momma cry R.I.P. to her son
    Wasn't on point he ain't be alive he ain't get to run
    Livin' everyday hopin' we survive this the life of the slum
    In that black hearse took his last ride in the dirt now he done
    So much goin' on I can't feel a thing I think that I'm numb
    Pay attention to detail made a million off my e-mail
    Out in Malibu steppin' on seashells
    But it could be a Glock 23 shell
    Was stuck in the hood but I prevailed
    Where I come from we don't see Yale
    Block baby I'm a trap scholar
    I really studied them streets well
    Eyeball the work we don't need scales
    I got baking soda on resale
    He'll do anything not to see jail
    No respect if he act like a female
    He really a b***h uh I gave my glizzy a switch
    Four seconds we empty a stick
    Bro just like Curry he really don't miss
    Livin' everyday hopin' we survive it's the life of the slum
    Society got too many distractions
    Every problem don't need a reaction
    Toughest n***as they be in the past tense
    Even though kept his heat he was lackin'
    Lost his homie he seen this s**t happen
    Knee deep in that beef it was crackin'
    All this trauma increasin' the damage
    Hot s**t with 'em demons attractin'
    This s**t'll leave you writin' love letters from a county cell
    How you fight in your sleep 'cause you haunted from soul odors
    That everybody smell
    Face to face with the devil
    And he got control on him 'cause he know him well
    He just hopin' the Lord gon' give him another chance before he go to hell