• Title:MERCEDES (Explicit)
  • Artist:Brent Faiyaz
  • Album:MERCEDES (Explicit)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    MERCEDES (Explicit) - Brent Faiyaz
    Lyrics by:Christoper Wood/Atupele Ndisale/Andrew Aged/Daniel Aged
    Composed by:Christoper Wood/Atupele Ndisale/Andrew Aged/Daniel Aged

    You don't really wanna be my lady
    You don't you don't
    You know it's more than just drivin' Mercedes
    More than Mercedes
    These h*es gon' call and drive you crazy
    They gon' drive you crazy
    They just tryna f**k and have my baby
    My block too hot to have a lady
    My block too hot
    All these detectives stay investigatin'
    Play it smart no hesitatin'
    No hesitation
    If they can't get to me they'll try my baby
    It's a party
    All night sunlight
    Don't want no one around when I'm comin' down
    Goodbyes still high still right
    It's gon' rain here all day girl
    All day long
    But we still have tomorrow
    Lady I don't know how
    You know me for a month now you wanna be my *****
    That's the s**t I be talkin' 'bout
    You want me all to you you don't know what I come with
    I don't mean to put you down but how I know you down
    If you wasn't around
    How I know that
    Maybe I'm askin' too much you offerin' love
    I don't think that's enough mm
    I'ma need more than that
    My baby
    It's a party all night
    Let it out
    This s**t ain't nothin' new yeah
    I got too much I could lose
    Gotta be careful who you choose
    'Cause this ain't like the life you had with your old dude
    And if you don't like bein' alone at night
    Then maybe I'm not your type
    You don't wanna you don't wanna oh no no no