• Title:Partin Ways (Explicit)
  • Artist:Polo G
  • Album:Hall of Fame 2.0 (Explicit)
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  • Languages:en
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    Partin Ways (Explicit) - Polo G
    Lyrics by:Taurus Bartlett
    Composed by:Taurus Bartlett
    On the grind can't indulge in the foolish stuff
    Young n***a always held his own
    Feel like I'm way overdue for prop
    Fed up hell yeah I been through a lot
    Keep it on me come see if that's true or not
    Dropped the rakes two Gs and a 4L
    That's how me and all my troopers rock
    Play with us f**k around get your shooters shot
    It's gon' be a sad day when that Ruger knock
    We ain't done yet we gon' spin the block
    Face shot Spot News what we do to opps
    Know them n***as want me gone but I can't go
    I'ma shoot my gun back
    Only got yourself and some hope
    And if I go who gon' teach my son that
    Breakup tryna blamе my faults and time goes on
    But we always run back
    Tryna find ways just to copе
    I been there before know we all been done bad
    Colorblind dollar signs swear that's all that I think about
    Internal wounds on my conscience lose my mind start bleedin' out
    He relate to my problems so his trauma got him singin' loud
    Mixed emotions can't stop it and my temper can't keep it down
    If you run out of options girl you know what keys to dial
    Don't care if this toxic want your love and I need it now
    One day we was lovers and friends
    But everything gotta come to an end
    Heartbreak got you runnin' again
    I just want somethin' real I don't wanna pretend
    Really felt connections from the touch of your skin
    Constantly drinkin' I'm stuck in a binge
    Are you careless or was it revenge
    Crazy what the true colors can blend uh
    Think about me all day what you probably do
    Now you tryna get used to somebody new
    I could've wrestled some s**t just to copy you
    I just put all my feelings inside the stu'
    I was lookin' for you to lean on
    But my son and the music that's really what got me through
    Have you ever let the wrong one steal your heart
    I been a victim of rappin' too uh
    We partin' ways and I'm fine with that
    'Cause the same old s**t ain't got time for that
    Common sense that's what your mind would lack
    Yeah you tried to play can't rewind it back uh
    Grindin' for the fam I was up all night
    Likes on the 'Gram got you caught up in the hype
    Time that we spent either f**k or a fight
    Then our hearts got cold 'cause the love wasn't right uh