• Title:No Return (Explicit)
  • Artist:Polo G;The Kid LAROI;Lil Durk
  • Album:Hall of Fame 2.0 (Explicit)
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  • Languages:en
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    No Return (Explicit) - Polo G/The Kid LAROI/Lil Durk
    Lyrics by:Taurus Bartlett/Charlton Howard/Durk Derrick Banks
    Composed by:Taurus Bartlett/Charlton Howard/Durk Derrick Banks
    Polo G/The Kid LAROI:
    Oh oh
    No no
    Uh uh uh uh
    No oh oh
    Uh uh uh uh uh
    No oh
    Uh uh
    D**n Ryder
    Polo G:
    Used to hit the block and serve
    Work the rock like Kyrie Irv'
    Link up with gang like what's the word
    Pull up skrrt switchin' lanes might jump the curb
    And yeah b***h I'm really him
    Put that on fire f**k what you heard
    Got three .50s that's 150 ain't no limit I f**k with Herb
    Lil' kids turned grown men we come from cribs dysfunctional
    Gotta learn how to play your own hand
    Don't ever get too comfortable
    That's lil' s**t he can think he hot
    'Til them real killers come and humble you
    All day tell 'em "Spin the block"
    'Til your best friend laying under you
    Know 'bout late nights and that hunger
    Know 'bout rainy days and that thunder
    I know lil' n***as on slime s**t no Young Thugs and Gunnas
    We was in the field Glock kick back
    We gon' kick it off like punters
    I'm Too Turnt Gang got five in me
    I ain't never been no runner
    The Kid LAROI:
    I can't ever go back
    To the way s**t was
    Oh no
    I done really came from nothing now I got everything that I want
    Oh oh oh
    I can't ever go back to the way s**t was
    I done came too far
    Put that on everything I love
    Roaches in the crib
    Mama on d**gs
    I can't let it go back to the way that it was
    I can't never go back
    No-oh oh
    I can't never I can't never I can't never I can't never I can't
    Lil Durk:
    I come from the muddiest part of the trenches where n***as are dyin' today
    N***as into it with you
    But n***as gon' hang in clique and be in the way
    Yeah yeah yeah
    I'd rather be on the case
    And stay in the mix than be in a n***a case
    Be in a n***a case
    I don't sneak diss the s**t
    I tell my dog the s**t I'll say in your face
    Say in a n***a face
    Perc' got fentanyl on 'em he still want him a sixty
    Want him a sixty
    I took my brother Ruger
    And told him think and I gave him a .50
    Gave him a .50 oh
    That backdoor cool where I'm from that s**t new in the city
    And y'all be hanging and playing the game together
    You know you snitchin'
    I be tired of losing my n***as to n***as who knew the killer
    Who knew the killer
    Threw up my guts I seen that footage you don't know that feeling
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
    I can't hang with my n***as homies dolo I don't know them n***as
    Why they play with me on IG like we lame
    They know we killers yeah