• Title:Epidemic (Explicit)
  • Artist:Polo G
  • Album:Hall of Fame 2.0 (Explicit)
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  • Languages:en
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    Epidemic (Explicit) - Polo G
    Lyrics by:Taurus Bartlett/Tahj Vaughn/David Hutchinson McDowell/Sterling Reynolds/Lukas Payne
    Composed by:Taurus Bartlett/Tahj Vaughn/David Hutchinson McDowell/Sterling Reynolds/Lukas Payne
    Dmac on the f**kin' track

    Tahj Money
    I'm so sick of farewells and R.I.P.'s
    In the trenches yellin' "Gang gang" mob ties what I bleed
    Don't claim to be an opp 'cause n***as die from that disease
    He gon' let that 9 blow with ease
    Can I speak my mind can I breathe
    I know she might cry if I leave
    I been fooled by liars and thieves
    Iced out my Rollie but I know time cannot freeze
    Once you give my p***y up it's over with
    Miss who you used to be 'cause that's who I was closer with
    I'm in my bag now I act like I don't know the b***h
    Before I knew what platinum was was tryna go on hits
    Well if he act like he 'bout it then put him on the list
    You better pick out a casket 'cause they goin' quick
    They gassed him up now tears sheddin' when they post his pic
    I know 'bout some flukey s**t I heard he died on a lick
    My whole squad scorin' b***h we don't do no assists
    Potential wasted couldn't stay in his lane he ain't know his niche
    Might catch him at the red light tryna load his blick
    Every day a gamble with your life all we know is risk
    From the Windy City where you bound to see the coldest s**t
    Switches on them glizzys get to blowin' like it's four of me
    Promise to my son that the streets won't get no more of me
    Remember every line from that obituary poetry
    See they peep I'm ballin' now just go back to ignorin' me
    Always gotta spazz unleash the beast when they recordin' me
    Lord I'm tryna take it easy on 'em but they forcin' me
    See him in person and that boy won't stand on s**t he been sayin'
    Pop s**t like Taliban loadin' up them sticks in a van
    You know it's f**k the other side 'cause my n***as gone
    Always been f**k the other side we don't get along
    If we bump heads like Marvin Gaye let's get it on
    Aim for the head that chopper spray we get 'em gone
    Independent her hair down and she feelin' grown
    Tryna correct her flaw she filled with silicone
    And she ain't all innocent she did a n***a wrong
    I got a playlist for your heart girl pick a song