• Title:GNF (OKOKOK) (Explicit)
  • Artist:Polo G
  • Album:Hall of Fame 2.0 (Explicit)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    GNF (OKOKOK) (Explicit) - Polo G
    Lyrics by:Taurus Bartlett/Harry Potter/William Ohlsson Varanda
    Composed by:Taurus Bartlett/Harry Potter/William Ohlsson Varanda

    Wait slow it down
    Okay okay okay
    Don't give no f**k
    Yo Varohl
    If 12 comin' we gon' take 'em on the chase
    I ain't give no f**k
    Just a cold heart and a banger on my waist
    Them Glocks gon' bust
    And they hoppin' out n***a that ain't no debate
    I'm Harry Harry Potter
    And them killers gon' jump out the roof
    If I give them the green then them lil' n***as shoot uh
    And I really got rich out the blue
    But I see red when I'm in the booth
    His advance I spent that on the coupe
    Had to really take a stand with the troops
    Uh so b***h if you see me salute
    And we Too Turnt n***a we don't recruit
    I seen his lil' diss that was cute
    My lil' sniper gon' blow like a flute
    And shout out to Pop Smoke
    But they don't really wanna f**k with Lil' Woo
    Be direct boy you talking to who
    I got shooters that don't even hoop
    If it's that ain't no callin' a truce
    Why they mad
    I'm just talkin' the truth b***h
    If you diss on the 'net get your scalp hit
    You'd be better off watchin' your mouth b***h
    Real killers don't care 'bout no clout s**t
    They ain't drop spin the block reroute quick
    Hut one hut two we steppin'
    We be really tryna use these weapons
    Squeezin' on that two plus seven
    Hollows plus you that's Heaven
    Man I really done turned to a maniac
    In that storm I was stuck where it's rainy at
    If they owe me respect gotta pay me that
    So his mama gon' cry for her baby back
    And if all of them die I'm okay with that
    'Cause the G-A-N-G we don't play with that
    Four-nickel I packaged the Drac' with that
    Walk up and make sure that his brains splat