• Title:Boom (Explicit)
  • Artist:Polo G
  • Album:Hall of Fame 2.0 (Explicit)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Boom (Explicit) - Polo G
    Lyrics by:Taurus Bartlett
    Composed by:Taurus Bartlett
    We do some expensive stunting uh
    I got this drip from London uh
    You'd think he play in the post from the way
    That he come off the hip or something uh
    Empty a clip or something
    FN make him trip from running
    I'm speeding my engine humming
    We ain't toting these blicks for nothing
    Come through and slam on a n***a like Drummond
    I'm with the cappers you know how we bummin'
    Not from Atlanta I'm talking 'bout losing your top
    I done seen all them demons get summoned
    Come from the bottom so I gotta reach to the top
    Now I need sixty-five for a frontend
    Now that Louis bag filled up with hundreds
    I was so broke man that s**t was disgusting
    Like boom we make it hot like it's June
    Turn his white tee to maroon
    We put him up like a hot air balloon
    Now they claiming he left too soon
    Like move b***h you ain't leaving with me
    I don't know why that's what you assume
    Like cool deep in that struggle for real
    I ain't never had no silver spoon
    Running the city might need me a statue or something
    like watch out for Cap' if he coming
    We with the s**ts and a tool and I pack like I'm plumbing
    Send a hit just from tapping a button
    They wanna know why a young n***a flexing so hard
    How he run up that sack all a sudden
    I'm off a pill I won't cut her no slack when we f**king
    put d**k in the back of her stomach
    Now go rounds blow
    Man down woah
    Blow out his mind gross
    Uh them hitters come out at the nighttime
    They pop out the cut at the right time
    Them shells jumping out of that pipe flying
    End of the tunnel he gon' see that light shine
    I ain't never had no silver spoon uh