• Title:Unapologetic (Explicit)
  • Artist:Polo G;NLE Choppa
  • Album:Hall of Fame 2.0 (Explicit)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Unapologetic (Explicit) - Polo G/NLE Choppa
    Lyrics by:Taurus Bartlett/Bryson Potts
    Composed by:Taurus Bartlett/Bryson Potts
    Polo G:
    Uh uh uh
    Uh uh uh uh mmm
    Southside on the track yeah
    Polo G/NLE Choppa:
    Prada steppin' in your club we got a lot of weapons
    Yeah b***h I know that I'm the s**t I'm unapologetic
    My steppers marchin' like a band they hit your block and wet it
    Hell nah we ain't playin' you better call a reverend
    I was taught to drop an opp before I go and drop a diss
    Drop a diss
    Won't apologize about that lick tell him come get his s**t
    Come get your s**t
    Brand new b***h with brand new tits her a*s thicker than Jiffy mix
    Don't f**k with no set-up b***h you play I smack you with this blick
    Brr brr brr
    NLE Choppa:
    Pass the Glock a give and go shoot it with me when I blow
    At your top we hit your throat I call that hangin' from the rope
    N***as know how I be gettin' too wicked two titties on semis
    My glizzies got jimmies no jammin' knock the jelly out biscuits
    Boy you got me f**ked up
    You got me f**ked up
    B***h you know you lucked up
    You know you lucked up
    Caught him out in traffic hit the car but he ducked up
    Come here boy
    A goose better get loose
    Shooters comin' after you and all of your troops
    I love your troops
    What you gonna do when this fire get to lettin' loose
    And if I get to lettin' loose brr
    Lock him in the trunk
    In the trunk
    Take the emergency exit off so he can't run
    Ayy he can't run from us
    Doin' donuts havin' fun
    Ayy havin' fun
    This his last ride before he meet my f**kin' gun n***a
    Uh uh
    Dracos we'll dump him slump him like he sippin' purple lean
    Broski shoot your mans all in his s**t to get his hurt redeemed
    Knock him off for snitchin' better act like you ain't heard a thing
    Better pray you miss that FaceTime when that burner ring
    Body bag zip him up it's a murder scene
    Left him with a tag like he tryna show his Purple jeans
    Deep textin' and decoys to the hood we servin' certain fiends
    I know the feds listenin' tryna figure out what my verses mean
    Out the window dreads shakin' trappin' duckin' fed cases
    Dough boy I was bread chasin' pocket full of dead faces
    I'm best friends with Ben Franklin addies got my head racin'
    Problems got me med takin' models in my bed naked
    Brr brr