• Title:Wonderful Night
  • Artist:Fatboy Slim
  • Album:Why Try Harder-The Greatest Hits
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Wonderful Night - Fatboy Slim (流线胖男孩)
    It's a wonderful night
    You gotta take it from me
    Come on and break it on down
    You gotta shake it for me
    Everybody can see
    Go ahead and release
    You know the music search engine need a tune up
    Soon as they at the gate they all wanna hear the corner uh huh
    Well that was cool but now but then I heard a rumor uh huh
    Your crew was riding for the white cliffs of dover uh huh
    Well let me tell ya how we do it in california
    We'll have ya on the run just like a puma if it don't move us
    Ain't paid your dues and it ain't gonna get a groovers
    So we lose ya to the consumer solution c'mon
    Girl I want it you got it
    Your body's like a narcotic
    The thought it is auto erotic
    Can I get it on credit
    I guess you're brick house I'll bet it
    Take it as far as you'll let it

    That the spot'll get hot that it's ready to pop
    Don't even look at the clock all of your problems forgot
    And it's time to rock 'till ya drop
    Feel the force and just flock to the epicenter
    Of the party's bass tremors c'mon
    You rock like colorado
    You're at it throwin' bottles
    We give a f**k about your status
    Who you are tomorrow
    Whether you beg or borrow
    Or hit the super lotto
    Whether your girl look like a minger or a supermodel
    Feel the connectedness energy disprojected the weighted
    The whole collective consciousness
    Arise like helium up
    Groovin' out of the question
    Won't disrespect him but
    Our styles f**kin' posh like dave beckham c'mon
    You've gotta take it from me
    You've gotta shake it for me