• Title:How Long
  • Artist:Charlie Puth
  • Album:Voicenotes
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    How Long - Charlie Puth (查理·普斯)
    I'll admit I was wrong
    What else can I say girl
    Can't you blame my head and not my heart
    I was drunk I was gone
    That don't make it right but
    Promise there were no feelings involved
    She said boy tell me honestly
    Was it real or just for show
    She said save your apologies
    Baby I just got to know
    How long has this been goin' on
    You've been creepin' round on me
    While you're calling me baby
    You've been acting so shady
    I've been feeling it lately baby

    I'll admit it's my fault
    But you gotta believe me
    When I say it only happened once
    I try and I try but you'll never see that
    You're the only one I wanna love
    How long has this been goin' on baby
    You gonna go tell me now