• Title:Never Going Home
  • Artist:Hazel English
  • Album:Just Give In / Never Going Home
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Never Going Home - Hazel English
    I'm drawn in
    Etched into this
    It's part of me
    It's under my skin
    And I'm addicted tonight
    There is no wait
    I've got to satiate
    This burning feeling in my throat
    I'm not playing it safe
    And it's getting late
    Wasted on this feeling

    Helpless to this call
    Never going home again
    Turn the lights out when you're leaving
    Don't wait up for me I'm not leaving
    Falling in
    Inch by inch
    I'm not resisting
    Don't wait up for me
    I'm not leaving
    Think I'm getting closer