• Title:Perm
  • Artist:Bruno Mars
  • Album:24K Magic
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Perm - Bruno Mars (布鲁诺·马尔斯)
    Written by:Bruno Mars/Philip Lawrence/Christopher Brody Brown/James Fauntleroy/Homer Steinweiss
    Now look at you
    Been walking in here looking all pretty
    And angry and mean and good

    Now I know you didn't get your hair done
    So you could just sit down and just sit still
    Aye we tryna have a good time tonight let's go over here
    Let's go over here
    It's my birthday
    No it's not
    But I still look good though
    High comb hot
    I bet you want an autograph
    For you and your friends
    Gotta do it in the penthouse
    That's where I keep my pen
    What you can't dance ain't got rhythm
    What you got a man I don't see you with him
    Put your phone down let's get it
    Forget your Instagram and your twitter
    Got me like woah wait a minute
    You need to take a minute
    Loosen them shoulders up
    Pour it up let's work
    Throw some perm on your attitude
    Girl you gotta relax ooh
    Let me show you what you got to do
    You gotta lay it back
    Matter of fact Band show her how to lay it back
    Show her how to lay it back
    Come on baby I love you
    No you don't
    You never know I might though
    Can't say I won't ah
    There's that smile I'm looking for
    Was that so hard
    If you ever need to smile again girl take my card
    Razzle-dazzle never gon' stop
    What you want is what I got
    You wanna get down you gotta get up
    Don't be stingy with your big ol' butt
    You got a booty like
    Woah wait a minute
    I'm just playing with you
    Aye now you got it baby you tryna have some fun tonight
    You just try to follow these simple instructions you ready
    You need activate your sexy activate your sexy
    Silky smooth and snap silky smooth and snap
    Now lean with it lean throw a lil sheen in it sheen
    Then pat pat pat 'til it's flat
    One more time you need activate your sexy activate your sexy
    I say it again