• Title:Adventure Of A Lifetime
  • Artist:Coldplay
  • Album:A Head Full Of Dreams
  • KaraokeRate:2★
  • Languages:en
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  • Uploador:Zunderast
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    turn your magic on,
    Umi she’d say
    everything you want’s a dream away
    and we are legends every day
    that’s what she told me
    to me she’d say
    under this pressure under this weight
    we are diamonds
    now I feel my heart beating
    I feel my heart underneath my skin
    and I feel my heart beating
    oh you make me feel
    like I’m alive again
    alive again
    said I can’t go on,
    not in this way
    I’m a dream that died by light of day
    gonna hold up half the sky and say
    only I own me
    oh I can feel my heart beating
    cause you make me feel
    we are diamonds taking shape
    if we’ve only got this life
    this adventure oh then I
    and if we’ve only got this life
    you get me through
    in this adventure oh then I
    want to share it with you
    with you
    yeah I do
    woohoo (woohoo)
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