• Title:Bet On Me
  • Artist:Walk Off the Earth;D Smoke
  • Album:Bet On Me
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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    Bet On Me - Walk Off the Earth/D Smoke
    Composed by:Gianni Luminati Nicassio/Sarah Blackwood/Sean Douglas/Ross Golan/Alex Schwartz/Joe Khajadourian/Daniel Anthony Farris
    Walk Off The Earth
    Supa Good D Smoke
    You should bet on me
    Like I'm Apple in the 90's
    Gonna wanna get behind me like I'm 23
    Before Mikey was on Nike's
    You should be-be-be-bet on me
    Run like a stallion
    Chase your legacy
    Be-be-be-bet on me
    Keep it a thousand
    Self-made with no pedigree
    Baby bet on me
    Let 'em see ya smiling on the front pages
    Mama I made it look at look at me
    All eyes on me
    Smilin' cause it's contagious
    Do it for the haters make ' em lose sleep
    Let's go
    Like I'm Apple in the 90s
    Like I'm neon in the 80s
    Double down on me
    It ain't up to be debated
    I'm a certainty
    You can't get these odds in Vegas
    Baby be-be-be-bet on me
    Roll the 'Dizzice'
    Lucky seven
    If not I bet I'll roll eleven
    Hold me to my goals I know I told my bredren
    We won't leave this earth until the turf is proud at heart like Kevin
    I'm close to god like reverend oh
    I done learned all of my lesson
    Betting on me is investment
    Bending the rules like Inception
    My angels give me that protection
    Like Amazon in 2009 you get exponential interest
    Like Peloton you can spin around without going nowhere but
    You should be-be- be- bet on me
    lt ain't up to be debated
    It might not come easy
    But who said it would
    It won't happen overnight
    But you know it could
    Let' em see ya smilin' on the front pages
    Mama I made it look at look at me woo
    Smilin' cause it's all gravy fifty-two aces under my sleeve
    Triple that bring it back
    Like I'm 24 win three rings and then go win two more
    Bet on me
    I'm the key so you can't close the door
    Like I'm 23
    Overload to me ain't even pressure
    Matter fact when globe is on my back
    Work even better
    That's why if you are better
    Like when bitcoin was a penny
    If you haven't bid already
    Ha ha ha