• Title:up at night (feat. justin bieber)
  • Artist:Kehlani;Justin Bieber
  • Album:up at night (feat. justin bieber)
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    up at night (feat. justin bieber) - Kehlani (柯兰尼)/Justin Bieber (贾斯汀·比伯)
    Lyrics by:Andrew Wansel/Rogét Chahayed/Daoud Anthony/Trevor Romeo/Nelli Hooper/Rosemarie Windross
    You wonder why I love you
    There was never pressure
    Easy as I want to
    There's just no one better
    You think its calculated
    Baby I'm just not that clever never
    And what could I say
    I knew that it would go this way
    Cause you blamed it on fate
    I could've let it just escape woah
    Now at the end of our days
    I brought back thoughts of you
    Thoughts of you keep me up at night
    Up at night
    Thoughts of you keep me up at
    I think about all of the ways you turn me on
    And my bed gets lonely whenever you're gone
    And baby I'mma wreck without you
    All I do is fantasize about you
    You're the light of my life yea I mean it
    Girl you got what I want when I need it
    And even when the sun don't shine
    I'll be right by your side
    Holding you tight
    And when you feel like nobody cares
    I'll be right there to remind you that
    You keep me up at night keep me up
    Of course you blame it on fate
    You could've let it just escape
    At the end of our days
    Up at night night
    Baby the thought of you
    You keep appearing in my dreams
    Uh huh