• Title:In The Shadow Of The Sun
  • Artist:Professor Green
  • Album:Growing Up In Public (Deluxe)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    In The Shadow Of The Sun - Professor Green
    Composed by:Alex Schwar
    Max Elto:
    They say that life is always easier

    After you let yourself come undone
    They say they'll give you whatever you want
    And they'll be waiting in the shadow of the sun
    Seizing time where no one's been before
    Close the curtains what you waiting for
    And I'll be keeping secrets
    Till I'm in the ground
    Professor Green:
    Keep your past your own I don't care about before
    I don't wanna know your secrets I wanna help you keep yours
    No one needs to no one'll ever know what we do
    Where we go why don't we go to a place where only we know
    Where we escape from real life and it feels good and it feels nice
    That we ain't yet but we still might
    Cause we go with it if it feels right
    And it feels feels amazing
    We ain't ready to see the day
    And I'll be waiting in the shadow of the sun
    Let go of fear
    This can be a secret that we both keep that we both share
    Hidden behind the smiles we both wear
    As the sun creeps through the curtains
    On the walls we become two silhouettes
    As we close our eyes
    Let go of the lies that fill our heads
    Let's light it up live life in the moment
    Why would we worry about where we might end up
    They can't see us they can't judge us it's just us
    They might wonder but only know where we go
    When the sun comes up
    I'm in the shadow of the shadow of the the sun
    Where I belong girl there's something coming on
    I'm in the shadow of the shadow of the sun
    Oh and I need you
    Chasing it chasing it
    I don't know what I'm chasing is
    All I know is I've been craving it
    Ever since I had a taste of it
    Life is what you make of it
    We're just here writing our own books
    This is just a page of it
    Before you wave your fingers at us
    You better make sure your hands are clean
    We all obey our hands are tied
    And I don't wanna have to leave
    I don't wanna say goodbye
    They say life is always easier when you come undone
    When I go you'll know where I've gone
    I'll be waiting in the shadow of the sun