• Title:Salt
  • Artist:Ava Max
  • Album:Salt
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Salt - Ava Max
    Lyrics by:Amanda Ava Koci/Henry Walter/Autumn Rowe/Madison Love/Nicole Morier
    Oh-oh I got breaking news
    And it's not about you oh-oh oh-oh oh
    Oh-oh I've been breaking hearts too
    And I learned it all from you oh-oh
    I got my thigh-highs on feel like
    Wonder woman
    That's when you want all in but
    I'm not your woman
    When my lipstick pops and I feel like Monroe
    That's when you want me most oh-oh
    I'm all out of salt I'm not gonna cry
    Won't give you what you want
    'Cause I look way too good tonight
    I'm all out of salt tears are running dry
    Night night
    Oh oh oh oh oh
    I'm all out of salt
    Oh-oh when I'm 'bout to celebrate
    Push my head into the cake no more
    Oh oh oh
    Oh-oh you're the snake pulling my arm
    Like my snakeskin Saint Laurent oh-oh
    That's when you want all in
    But I'm not your woman
    Not gonna c-c-cry cry cry cry cry
    Cry cry cry cry cry