• Title:Money Changes Everything
  • Artist:Cyndi Lauper
  • Album:She's So Unusual
  • KaraokeRate:2★
  • Languages:en
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " Money Changes Everything "
    Cyndi Lauper

    I said "-I'm sorry, babe!,
    I'm leaving you tonight,
    I found someone new!,
    He's waitin' in the car outside,"
    "-Ah honey!, how could you do it?,
    We swore each other
    Everlasting love",
    I said "-Well, yeah, I know, but when we did
    There was one thing we weren't
    Thinking of, and that's money".
    Money changes everythiiing,
    I said "money!,
    Money changes everythiiing",
    (We think we know what we're doin'),
    (That don't mean a thiiiing),
    (It's all in the past now),
    (Money changes everythiiiiiiiing!)
    They shake your hand
    And they smile, and they buy you a drink,
    They say "we'll be your friends,
    We'll stick with you 'til the end",
    Aah!, but everybody's only
    Looking out for themselves,
    And you say,
    "Well, who can you trust?",
    I'll tell you, it's just
    Nobody else's money.
    Money changes everythiiiiing,
    (Ya think ya know what ya doin'),
    (We don't pull the striiiiings),
    (Money changes everythiiiiii)-iiiing!
    (Harmonica solo)
    I said "money-hey!,
    Money changes everything,
    (We think we know what we're doing),
    (We don't know a thing),
    (Money changes everythiiiiii)-iiiing!,
    Hey!, yeah!-yeah!-(the money!)-
    -(Is everything)-yes-
    -Moneeeeey!-changes everything, yeah!-
    -The moneeeeeeey!-yeah!, is everything, yes-
    -The moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!-
    -Yeah!-is everything, yes-
    -Moneeeeey!-changes everything-yeah!-yeah!-
    -The moneeeeeeeey!...
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