• Title:Pink Venom
  • Artist:BLACKPINK
  • Album:Pink Venom
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Pink Venom - BLACKPINK
    词:TEDDY/Danny Chung

    Kick in the door
    Waving the coco
    팝콘이나 챙겨 껴들 생각 말고
    I talk that talk
    Runways I walk walk
    눈 감고 pop pop 안 봐도 척
    One by one then
    Two by two
    내 손끝 툭 하나에 다 무너지는 중
    가짜 쇼 치곤 화려했지
    Makes no sense
    You couldn't get a dollar outta me
    자 오늘 밤이야 난 독을 품은 꽃
    네 혼을 빼앗은 다음
    Look what you made us do
    천천히 널 잠재울 FIRE
    잔인할 만큼 아름다워
    I bring the pain like
    This that pink venom
    Get 'em get 'em get 'em
    Straight to ya dome like whoa whoa whoa
    Straight to ya dome like ah ah ah
    Taste that pink venom
    Black paint and ammo
    Got bodies like Rambo
    Rest in peace
    Please light up a candle
    This da life of a vandal
    Masked up and I'm still in Celine
    Designer crimes or it wouldn't be me
    Diamonds shinin' drive in silence
    I don't mind it I'm ridin'
    Flyin' private side by side with da pilot
    Up in the sky
    And I'm wildin' stylin' on them
    And there's no chance
    Cuz we got bodies on bodies like this a slow dance
    원한다면 provoke us
    감당 못해 and you know this
    이미 퍼져버린 shot that potion
    네 눈앞은 핑크빛 ocean
    Come and give me all the smoke
    도 아니면 모 like I'm so rock and roll
    다 줄 세워 봐 자 STOP DROP
    La tatata La tatata
    Straight to ya
    Straight to ya dome like