• Title:Typa Girl (Explicit ver.)
  • Artist:BLACKPINK
  • Album:BORN PINK
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Typa Girl (Explicit) - BLACKPINK
    Lyrics by:Bekuh BOOM
    Composed by:Bekuh BOOM/Dominsuk
    Arranged by:Dominsuk

    Typa girl that'll make you wanna dream
    Typa girl that came straight off of the screen
    Typa girl you wanna ice up make me freeze
    Typa girl you wanna wife up sign the pree
    I bring money to the table
    Not your dinner
    Both my body and my bank account
    Good figure
    Thinking about me but there's nothing to consider
    If I let you in my circle you a winner
    Didn't know that you were cold
    'Til you felt my fire
    Heaven's gate just opened up
    Hearing choirs
    If you saying something else
    You a liar
    'Cause I'm that girl that drive you crazy
    But you can't leave me alone
    Got you thinking maybe
    I went supernatural
    Put you under spells or
    Look into a crystal ball
    I'm not like these other girls at all
    I'm the typa girl that make you forget that you got a type
    Type that make you love me when the only thing you done is like
    I'm that typa girl
    Like du du dun
    Du lu lu lun
    I'm the type of girl
    That everybody type
    Double tap tap tap
    What everybody like
    You can check my stats
    Got everybody's eye
    And I run them laps
    Round everybody's mind
    All of these girls on some uppercase ****
    That mean they all cap
    Being the best at whatever I do
    That's sounding on brand
    Typa girl that you wish for when you blow that candle out
    Typa girl that you wanna take back to your mama house
    Typa girl that don't ask for what she wants she's takin' out
    Typa girl who got bag in same quality as Chanel
    Now you know that you were cold
    'Cause you felt my fire
    'Cause I'm that girl
    That drive you crazy
    I'm the type of girl that make you forget that you got a type