• Title:Keep Your Head Up Princess
  • Artist:Anson Seabra
  • Album:Keep Your Head Up Princess
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Keep Your Head Up Princess - Anson Seabra
    Lyrics by:Anson Long-Seabra
    Composed by:Anson Long-Seabra
    When she was younger she would pretend
    That her bedroom was a castle she was fairest in the land
    And she got older and it all changed
    There was no time for make believe and all the magic slipped away
    Until the light in her eyes it was all but gone
    'Cause all the dreams that she had turned out to be wrong
    So keep your head up princess 'fore your crown falls
    Know these voices in your head will be your downfall
    I know it gets so hard but you don't got far to go
    Yeah keep your head up princess it's a long road
    And the path leads right to where they won't go
    I know it hurts right now but I know you'll make it home
    So keep your head up

    Yeah keep your head up
    And now she's grown up works at a bar
    She traded makeshift gowns for serving rounds from sunrise 'til it's dark
    And all her friends got someone to hold
    And she's got no one else still not prepared to make it on her own
    And now the light in her eyes it's now all but gone
    One day you'll find your way back to the start
    One day you'll live in your dreams
    One day you'll wake up and girl you'll be a queen