• Title:Before The Day Is Over
  • Artist:Joji
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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    Before The Day Is Over - Joji
    Lyrics by:Justin Parker/Sam Dew/George Miller
    Composed by:Justin Parker/Sam Dew/George Miller
    I don't know
    What you wanna hear
    Things chasing course
    Smiles fade to grins
    Now the moment's gone
    Just as I feared
    And I was hoping
    And I was hoping this time
    No longer here
    We were feeling bliss
    Don't hold your tongue
    There's no time for tricks
    You've been closing up
    I expected this
    But I was hoping
    You'd stay open this time
    I know it won't be long
    I know you're almost gone
    Hold on
    Let me in before the day is over
    Just let me in before the day is over
    Say something soon
    We might lose it all
    Something we can use
    To break our fall
    There's nothing left to do
    When we start to stall
    That we could hold it this time
    Let me in
    I can't take another day
    I could go insane
    There's only so much I can take
    I can't live this way
    I know it won't be long let me in