• Title:Shivers
  • Artist:Rachel Platten
  • Album:Waves
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Shivers - Rachel Platten (瑞秋·普蕾顿)
    Written by:Rachel Platten/Sean Douglas/Jason Evigan
    Gold green eyes
    You you see me in the perfect light
    And and even for the thousandth time
    Ay your hands can make my skin light up like diamonds
    Yeah you do
    Maybe it's chemical
    Something about you really drives me crazy
    Maybe it's magical
    It could be the stars above are all to blame
    I get emotional knowing you never ever try to change me
    'Cause you know who I am goddamn
    You're giving me shivers
    Running up through my spine
    Giving me shivers
    You're making me lose my mind
    Always deliver
    Ooh baby baby
    You know my triggers
    So just do what you do what you do
    Make my body shiver
    Perfect fit like like my name on your pillow lips
    It it's like a thousand ego trips
    I I'm dying to go anywhere you take me

    You're giving me shivers running up through my spine
    Giving me shivers you're making me lose my mind
    I love the way you make me
    Do what you do what you do