• Title:Wonderful Christmastime (Full Length Version / Remastered 2011)
  • Artist:Paul McCartney
  • Album:TOKYO - POP CHRISTMAS 2021 -
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Wonderful Christmastime (Full Length Version / Remastered 2011) - Paul McCartney
    Lyrics by:Paul McCartney
    Composed by:Paul McCartney

    The moon is right
    The spirits up
    We're here tonight
    And that's enough
    Simply havin' a wonderful Christmastime
    The party's on
    The feelin's here
    That only comes
    This time of year
    The choir of children sing their song
    Ding dong ding dong
    Ding dong ding ooh ooh
    The word is out
    About the town
    So lift a glass
    Ahh don't look down
    They practiced all year long
    We're simply havin' a wonderful Christmastime