• Title:Food Aid
  • Artist:LadBaby
  • Album:Food Aid
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    Food Aid - LadBaby

    "The original Band Aid single gets a remake"
    "Merry Christmas"
    "Some of the biggest stars of the pop music world"
    It's Christmas time
    Let's come together for Food Aid
    This Christmas time
    The nation's skint and they're underpaid
    The Christmas lights aren't flashing
    Because people can't afford the bills
    We all need Martin Lewis
    But say a prayer
    Pray for a sausage roll
    Charity's really coming home
    There's a food bank on every corner
    Feeding people every day
    And if we all come together
    We can finally make that change
    Turn up the Christmas music
    Drown out the doom and gloom
    'Cause tonight we're reaching out
    And helping you
    "There won't be food for everyone this Christmas time"
    For many they'll be hungry through the night
    When there's nowhere else to go
    When the 'leccy's running low
    Let's make it a Christmas time for all
    Here's to you
    Just reach out and help someone
    Here's to them
    Sausage rolls for everyone
    Feed the UK
    Help someone this Christmas time
    Feed the