• Title:Xmas Freestyle (Explicit)
  • Artist:99 God
  • Album:Xmas Freestyle (Explicit)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Xmas Freestyle (Explicit) - 99 God
    Lyrics by:yimeng yang
    Composed by:yimeng yang
    "What would you like for Christmas"
    Ok I want
    38 fat booty ******* line the **** up to sex god
    Haha That's Me
    $ on my face
    I want that moi sti
    F the bed sheet
    We don't gotta reconnect
    You better have the vaccine
    Safety first
    Uh uh that's prolly not the Safety issue I should worry first
    S h Bablahblah
    Happy Birthday
    No more s party
    I should stick to monogamy
    Shout out to Anny
    We should go to Iceland have some wildest s in the forest
    I already booked that mfin bubble airbnb
    Wishing for a star
    Bling bling
    I'm talking about a porno star
    Big buubs
    Up down left right hop on my d**k
    Best part she swallow come
    G G G
    Santa loves c*****e
    Piupiu mf
    Blood no Crips that Rudolph pull up wit a drive by shooting like
    Boost a depressed 了bido
    That girl gave the best head
    Cuz she don't care about breathing
    Cold heart feel warm when I nut in her then call it Congee Village
    Mf claim they devious
    But don't even eat a*s
    We know you don't get *******
    Not even wit six packs
    Light a lean spliff
    Pass the joint my man cough gags
    Bossa Nova playlist on repeat when I'm robbin every kindergarten kids gift
    Jezuz I'm too d**ned