• Title:All Or Nothing
  • Artist:Topic;HRVY
  • Album:All Or Nothing
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    All Or Nothing - Topic/HRVY
    Lyrics by:Tobias Topic/Alexander Tidebrink/Nir Tibor
    Composed by:Tobias Topic/Alexander Tidebrink/Nir Tibor
    We go all or nothin' all or nothin'
    Why not make it count for somethin'
    All or nothin' all or nothin'
    Fight for somethin' we believe in
    If we never stop hopin'
    We will never be broken
    Even if our heart aches

    When the city lights are callin' at night
    And you lay in bed rethinkin' your life
    Will it ever stop the worryin' mind
    You will find
    If we're runnin' away from the problems we see
    Keep givin' up on our hopes and our dreams
    We got the power to be who we wanna be
    You see
    Be broken