• Artist:The Last Rockstars
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    THE LAST ROCKSTARS (PARIS MIX|Explicit) - The Last Rockstars
    Lyrics by:YOSHIKI
    Composed by:YOSHIKI
    Bigidin bigidin ban ban ban
    We are the rock stars
    The ****** rock stars
    Ah you feel like a queen
    You feel like a king
    You feel so jaded
    Let the beauty of love
    Beauty of red roses to touch
    Softer than rain
    Harder than pain
    Don't be afraid
    Undress your secret
    We're here to reign
    Life is so vain
    We are the fame
    To fly across the world
    I'll make you fly
    I'll make you cry
    I'll make you feel
    Your dragons to fly
    I'll make you fly high
    Feel the beauty of life
    Beauty of sky
    Beauty of real dragons to fly
    Are you ready to dive
    Ready to fly high

    Ah we'll let your wings of belief unchain
    We'll let your freedom reign