• Title:the way that we started (taylor) (Explicit)
  • Artist:Elijah Woods
  • Album:the way that we started (taylor) [Explicit]
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    the way that we started (taylor) (Explicit) - Elijah Woods
    Lyrics by:elijah woods/Jessika Harling
    Composed by:elijah woods

    I met you in the dark it was midnight
    A delicate smile and a quick "Hi"
    I knew you were trouble I chose to ignore it
    Cruel was the summer I missed all the warnings
    Mine till you weren't there
    My wildest dreams into thin air
    Thought we were out of the woods
    But we're deep in the garden
    It's nothing new but it hits me hard 'cause
    I'm too old to start all this again
    To start all this again
    Give all my love to just be friends
    Is it too late to turn this around
    Run back and find a way out
    Love story fading to darkness
    Let's go back to the way that we started
    Too close you were my end game
    Full heart to filling this blank space
    Dig deep babe I'm trying my hardest
    Oh-oh to the way that we started
    I wanna say you belong with me
    But it's like everything changed in the August heat
    And I just can't shake it off
    From lovers to lonely while you just watch this start
    To fade away like we're out of style
    You can call it what you want I just miss your smile yeah
    This is me trying maybe our song
    Ends with this silence yeah
    Did I give too much
    Did I take your trust
    Did I break your heart
    Did I **** it up
    'Cause I'm not okay I'm just wasted space
    'Cause I spent my life just trying to be yours