• Title:Hypnotic
  • Artist:Dion Timmer;Linney
  • Album:Hypnotic
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Hypnotic - Dion Timmer/Linney
    Lyrics by:Caitlin Linney
    Composed by:Dion Timmer

    You can control me
    When you put your hands on me
    I need your body desperately
    Feeding off this sanity
    Your love is so your love is so
    Late night
    When the sun goes down
    And the lights go out
    Way your eyes
    'Cause it looks in mine
    Got me feeling high
    The lust in your eyes
    Baby superstactic
    Very Extra
    L-L-L-Late night
    When the sun goes down-n-n
    W-W-W-Way your eyes
    Looking at my bosses
    Breathing in your toxic
    Dream like it's darkness
    Sweeter than chocolate
    Hitting on the right spots
    Siping on your sweet soft
    You're making me weak