• Title:When The Sun Is Gone (feat. RYVM)
  • Artist:Mike Williams;RYVM
  • Album:Storylines
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    When The Sun Is Gone (feat. RYVM) - Mike Williams/RYVM
    Lyrics by:Damian Bast/Daniel Barkman/Mike Willemsen/Raffie van Maren
    When the sun when the sun when the sun is gone

    Hold me tight when you feel like it all goes wrong
    Together we'll be okay
    We're the light in the world when the sun is gone
    Is gone
    And we'll be running red lights 'til the end of the road
    Gonna making you and I baby that I know but I'll
    Hold you tight in my arms when the sun is gone
    The sun is gone
    Follow me I know we'll find a higher ground
    As long as we're together
    Find a path through the light where the dust fades out
    Fade out
    End of the road
    When the sun is gone