• Title:You Need to Know
  • Artist:Axel Johansson
  • Album:You Need to Know
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    You Need to Know - Axel Johansson
    Composed by:Axel Johansson/Tormod Løkling/Iselin Solheim

    My father told me hold your head up high
    Never give up and keep aiming for the sky
    And when darkness finds a way to tear you down
    Take a closer look there's hope right by your side
    Yeah I know it's tough
    When nights are getting longer
    And doubts are creeping in
    When it feels like you're
    The only one who's out there
    Lost so far from home
    You need to know
    You are not alone
    There's a fire deep inside fire deep inside
    Keep you warm when days get colder