• Title:the 1 (Sped Up)
  • Artist:Sped Up Mage
  • Album:Sped Up Music Vol. 11
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    the 1 (Sped Up) - Sped Up Mage
    Composed by:Taylor Swift/Aaron Brooking Dessner
    I'm doing good
    I'm on some new s**t
    Been saying "yes" instead of "no"
    I thought I saw you at the bus stop
    I didn't though

    I hit the ground running each night
    I hit the Sunday matinee
    You know the greatest films of all time were never made
    I guess you never know never know
    And if you wanted me you really should've showed
    And if you never bleed you're never gonna grow
    And it's alright now
    And it's another day waking up alone
    If you would've been the one
    I have this dream
    You're doing cool s**t
    Having adventures on your own
    You meet some woman on the Internet
    And take her home
    We never painted by the numbers baby
    But we were making it count
    You know the greatest loves of all time are over now
    But we were something
    Don't you think so
    Roaring twenties
    Tossing pennies in the pool
    And if my wishes came true
    It would've been you