• Title:Sunshine
  • Artist:Oliver Tree
  • Album:Cowboy Tears Drown the World in a Swimming Pool of Sorrow (Deluxe)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Sunshine - Oliver Tree
    Lyrics by:Oliver Tree Nickell/Ethan Snoreck
    I've been searching for my sunshine
    She's all I ever need
    I've been waiting for my sunshine
    I'm sick of waiting for my sunshine
    But the clouds are still coming
    Bad news tell me more than that
    With your back turned
    There's no way you're looking back

    I've been looking for some sunlight
    It's still too hard to see
    I've been searching for some sunlight
    I lost a part of me
    I stopped looking in the sky
    The sun shines bright it's gonna blind your eyes
    Please stop looking in the sky
    That sun shines bright it's gonna blind your eyes