• Title:Ghost
  • Artist:Tom MacDonald
  • Album:Ghost
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Ghost - Tom MacDonald
    Lyrics by:Tom MacDonald
    Composed by:Tom MacDonald

    I've seen a hundred grand in cash
    I've took the trip to hell and back
    I've been around never saw nothing like you
    And I've seen lights up in the sky
    And I've seen ghosts alone at night
    I've seen some things but they were nothing like you
    Till I walk through walls
    I wanna be with you
    Cause I'm here with you oh-oh
    I've seen things I swear to god that I still can't explain
    I've been way too drunk and way too high been dancin' in the rain
    I've seen butterflies and babies cry and still until this day
    Ain't seen nothin' that's quite like you
    Till I'm a ghost I'll give all my life to you
    And when I'm a ghost I will always be your boo
    I've seen the country far and wide I meet my heroes all the time
    And I've held diamonds in my hands I've got a couple million fans
    I've met some folks but they were nothin' like you
    I've seen things I swear to god that I still can't believe
    I've seen shooting stars and crystal balls and magic in the breeze
    I've seen Paris I've seen London I have been weak in the knees
    Till it burns down till the world ends
    Till it's all gone till my last breath
    Till I leave town till there's nothing left
    Till I'm in the ground