• Title:No Bad Days
  • Artist:Flo Rida;Jimmie Allen
  • Album:No Bad Days
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    No Bad Days - Flo Rida/Jimmie Allen
    Lyrics by:Andrew Cedar/James Allen/Breyan Isaac/John Byron/Rocky Bloc
    Composed by:Daniel Majic/Andrew Cedar/Breyan Isaac/John Byron/Rocky Bloc

    We ain't havin' no bad days
    We stay livin' on good times
    When the cup's dried up fill another right up
    And let it just slide
    'Cause we havin' them good nights
    When the cup's dried up pour another vibe up
    We ain't havin' no woah
    Tow truck my Bugatti on a bed
    Shibu Inu in the red
    Don't know how much I can spend on this
    No luck poppin' bottles full of air yeah
    It's hard to keep your hair
    When you're livin' on a prayer like this
    Pinky ring on the Bible
    Let's go big rings big rings
    I'm a product of survival yeah
    Let's get it big things big things
    I became one of my idols
    You know I know
    We ain't havin' no
    Livin' life just flowin' with the top down
    Nothin' but them good times fillin' up your cup now
    Ain't no feelin' low when you're sittin' real high
    Real high
    Everything's cool under that blue sky
    Blue sky
    Most days just keep it on simple
    Let's go
    Nothin' too crazy just cruisin' through the middle
    Watchin' them sunsets keepin' it easy
    Enjoyin' my life yeah every single season ayy
    Ain't havin' no we ain't havin' no
    Aw yeah