• Title:I'll Be Waiting (Sad At Christmas)
  • Artist:Cian Ducrot
  • Album:Hallelujah
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    I'll Be Waiting (Sad At Christmas) - Cian Ducrot
    Lyrics by:Cian Ducrot/Lauren Frawley
    Composed by:Cian Ducrot/Lauren Frawley
    Leave your keys if you're not coming home

    You packed your bags full of letting go
    You were moving in now you're moving on
    There's no getting used to you being gone
    You were down now you're giving up
    Just a false start if you're quitting on us
    Another year just another lie
    Wish you'd call so I could say goodbye
    And let you know
    I'll wait for you every night
    If you ever wanna fall in love
    If you ever wanna bet on us
    If you ever wanna be my one
    I'll be waiting
    If you ever want one more night
    If you ever wanna make things right
    If you ever wanna change your mind
    Never thought that you'd be giving up
    Guess with all the climbing you tired and you fell out of love
    Maybe if you don't crash the landing
    You'll end up right back where I'm standing
    And then you'll know