• Title:Christmas Without You
  • Artist:Ava Max
  • Album:Christmas Without You
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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    Christmas Without You - Ava Max
    Lyrics by:Sam Martin/Gian Stone/Jesse Aicher/Amanda Ava Koci/Henry Walter
    Lights on the trees under fallen snow
    雪花飘落 树上挂着灯
    You get a bit closer when winter's cold
    寒冬时节 你和我越来越近
    Now I can't wait 'til you're by my side
    All of the best gifts you just can't buy
    Wherever you go you light up the room
    不管你去哪里 都会光芒四射
    I hope that you'll make it back home soon
    Cuz it won't feel like Christmas without you
    因为 如果没有你 圣诞节就没有意义
    I wish we were kissing under mistletoe
    The stars on the sky just can't match you glow
    We'll be warm by the fire all night ohh
    依偎在火堆旁 我们会很温暖
    I wanna hold you while the bells are all ringing
    我想在圣诞钟声响起时 紧紧抱着你
    Want you to be here while the angel's singing
    希望天使歌唱时 你在我身边
    Days are perfect when I got you near
    有你在身边 日子就会很完美
    My only wish is you here
    Wherever you are you brighten the moon
    不管你在哪里 你都光芒万丈
    Without you
    We could be outside dancing in the moonlight
    Watching the sky roll over our heads
    We could be inside trying to sing the lines right
    Laughing until we fall out of bed
    捧腹大笑 直到我们从床上掉下来
    So when I wake up on Christmas Day
    所以 当我在圣诞节那天醒来时
    I hope the first thing I see is your face
    It won't feel like Christmas without you
    如果没有你 圣诞节就没有意义