• Title:The Color Violet
  • Artist:Tory Lanez
  • Album:Alone At Prom (Explicit)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    The Color Violet - Tory Lanez
    Lyrics by:Daystar Peterson/Dejan Nikolic/Michael Hernandez

    I took my drugs and took my
    Lovin' when I left out the spot
    I left the party with
    A barbie marking X on the dot
    She calls my phone up but I told her
    I'm a loner uh
    But she likes my watch and
    My droptop and my persona uh
    We hit the highway 1-5-5
    With my whole foot on the dash
    She's in my ear she's got no fear
    She could care less if we crash
    But on my radar
    I've got some nerve to play hard
    I've waited for my chance
    But playboys we don't dance
    I gave my heart uh
    Speedin' car goin' ninety in the rain
    She took my heart filled it with nothin' but pain
    This beat in my hands is not for romance
    I wanna stay but playboys
    We don't dance dance dance
    So I won't dance again oh baby
    No I won't dance again ooh yeah uh
    No I won't dance again
    Pretty baby ooh
    Oh face in the daylight
    Wastin' time on the stars in the sky
    She's got my pager
    Play games of love all on my eyes
    Then I'm reminded love don't come 'til you find it
    I just hope that it's workin'
    I'm yearnin' I'm searchin' uh
    The afterparty was on Wilson and 73rd
    You got the notion that somebody else was with me first
    But on my radar you had some nerve to play hard
    You took away my chance
    But playboys we don't dance dance dance
    That's one ooh yeah uh