• Title:Here With Me
  • Artist:d4vd
  • Album:Here With Me
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    Here With Me - d4vd
    Lyrics by:David Anthony Burke
    Composed by:David Anthony Burke
    Watch the sunrise
    Along the coast
    As we're both getting old
    I can't describe
    What I'm feeling
    And all I know
    Is we're going home
    So please don't let me go
    Don't let me go
    And if it's right
    I don't care how long it takes
    As long as I'm with you
    I've got a smile on my face
    Save your tears it'll be ok
    All I know is
    You're here with me

    As we're getting old
    I can't describe whoa
    I wish I could live
    Through every memory again
    Just one more time
    Before we float off in the wind
    And all the time we spent
    Waiting for the light
    To take us in
    Have been the greatest
    Moments of my life
    Yeah if with me