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    Lyrics by:Chancellor/JAKOPS/Purple/Knave
    Composed by:Chancellor/JAKOPS/Purple/Knave
    Arranged by:Chancellor/Purple

    I got what you want
    I got what you need
    Mobbin' like we don't
    Follow anything oh
    Left right get it on the floor
    I wanna see you
    Left right get in my zone ha
    Then we hit the slide
    Ready for the swing
    We don't want no opps
    Want no drama queen
    Left right everywhere we go
    We pull up from the
    Left right postin' up slow
    I'm on one got drip
    Whip the ride
    I'm switchin' lanes like this
    Spinnin' out then flip
    Cruising down
    Like we be on a trip
    Boy just follow my flow
    Don't matter where we go
    Oh the only direction I know
    Want your body swervin' left right left right
    I want your body movin' left right left right
    You keep me up my heart is
    Beating up and down spinnin' round and round
    Just like my pirellis
    Burning on the ground
    If you're down with me then let's ride let's ride
    Can't nobody stop it that's right that's right
    And my adrenaline is
    Racing up and down spinnin' round and round
    Hit the pedal to the ground
    Listen to the sound
    Now we on to something
    Drop the fit we killed it
    Don't we all deserve it
    I'll tell you how we want it oh
    Left right you been here before
    So do it 'til you get right
    Get it one more
    No you can't deny it
    Baby don't you hide it
    If I like it I'll bite it
    So just tell me if you're worth it
    Worth it really wanna know
    I'll flip it and reverse it
    Sing it real low
    Hold up hold up
    We going out
    Mixing up these rides
    Don't ask me
    If you don't know why
    I hit the switch
    Hear the noise inside
    Baby say no more
    This is the right time
    So come get it
    You know that I'll be there for you
    Down down if you're down down
    Baby are you
    Down down are you down down
    Let me take you to the other side
    XG we certified
    Alpha Alpha
    We gon' ride or die
    Into the galaxy
    You know the vibes