• Title:I Wish My Mind Would Shut Up
  • Artist:Ivoris
  • Album:I Wish My Mind Would Shut Up
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    I Wish My Mind Would Shut Up - Ivoris
    Lyrics by: Sabrina Toon
    Composed by: Sabrina Toon

    I've been doing what they tell me
    I've been tryna meditate
    But it didn't really help me
    And I haven't got the patience
    Even took up yoga
    And journalling my thoughts
    You should see my diary
    'Cause it goes on for pages
    But when the lights go down and I'm all alone
    All the fears come out dressed as the unknown
    It's a messy maze I can't navigate
    It's a heavy flood and someone broke the gates
    I wish it was quiet
    I overthink too much
    Yeah I'm Rapunzel stuck inside my head
    No peace in my mind
    It goes on and on
    Wish I could turn it off and it would shut up
    I wish my mind would shut up
    Shut up