• Title:In Ha Mood
  • Artist:Ice Spice
  • Album:Like..?
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    In Ha Mood (Explicit) - Ice Spice
    Lyrics by:Ice Spice/Ephrem Lopez
    Composed by:Ice Spice/Ephrem Lopez
    Where were you last week
    When you stopped comin' by
    Stop playin' with 'em Riot
    Like d**n she in her mood

    She lit get money too
    In the mirror I'm doin' my dance
    And he packin' I know by his pants
    He a rapper but don't got a chance
    Stuck in my ways so I'm lovin' my bands
    Like a million views in a day
    It's so many ways to get paid
    I tried dippin' he begged me to stay
    Bae I'm not stayin' I just wanna play
    In the party he just wanna rump
    Big boobs and the butt stay plump
    She a baddie she know she a ten
    She a baddie with her baddie friend
    They like ice how you always stay hot
    Oh they mad 'cause I keep makin' bops
    Oh she mad 'cause I'm takin' her spot
    If I was ******* I'd hate me a lot
    No friends I don't **** with the fakes
    Sayin' they love me but wantin' my place
    Step in the party I'm lookin' the baddest
    So the paparazzi in my face
    Pretty ***** but I came from the gutter
    Said I'd be lit by the end of the summer
    And I'm proud that I'm still gettin' bigger
    Goin' viral is gettin' 'em sicker
    Like what let's keep it a buck
    ******* too borin' got 'em stuck in a rut
    Lamborghini roarin' when I hop out the truck
    Pretty ***** like Lauren with a big a*s butt yup
    Pretty face and the waist all gone
    And I'm makin' them wait hold on
    Wait hold on