• Title:Me & You (Explicit)
  • Artist:Central Cee
  • Album:Me & You (Explicit)
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    Me & You (Explicit) - Central Cee
    Composed by:Central Cee
    You ain't gotta worry 'bout nobody else it's
    Me and you
    Bought you a bag now that guy's askin what I see in you
    Put you on the 'Gram now they wanna take pics like
    They wanna trips like
    Yeah yeah yeah
    Look your love's a contagious feelin'
    Real is red it's harder to come by
    You're an endangered species on top of the food chain
    Don't post where we eatin' they're prayin' to see me
    Well educated good vocab
    When I don't understand she explain the meanin'
    Look I gotta rearrange the sequence
    You say that you're too young for a baby
    I get that so I just pay the abortion
    I've protected my heart as well so I understand that you're takin' precaution
    Lonely like I was raised as an orphan
    I got paper now they say that I'm important
    Rap boy on a footballer's wage I'm on the same pay as the players at Dortmund
    Private plane that's normal
    Pilates class you can work on your abs
    Bahamas trip and snorkel
    find out how deep is your love
    I won't give you a reason to cut
    Buy you the Porsche twin-turbo exhaust
    What's mine is yours not Me it's Us
    You don't need me it's true I guess
    But you'll reap the rewards if you see this through alright
    Like the fact that you ain't slept with no idiot yutes trust
    Your girls on WhatsApp *******' I beg you just leave that group huh
    They don't know what we been through
    I'll send you a car just jump in if you're busy we can reschedule
    I know that your mum's gonna hear this so I don't wanna be sexual
    But you make me feel like a young boy again horny like a teen at school
    Uh I beg you be reasonable whether it's public or on a low
    My behaviour ain't tolerable the way that you're acting's honourable
    I don't wanna feel like I'm botherin' you
    So let me know if I invade your space when I said that my ***** was gay
    I didn't mean that **** in a degradin' way
    Uh alright