• Title:Call Me What You Like (Explicit)
  • Artist:Lovejoy;Ash Kabosu;Joe Goldsmith;Mark Boardman
  • Album:Call Me What You Like (Explicit)
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  • Languages:en
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    Call Me What You Like (Explicit) - Lovejoy/Ash Kabosu/Joe Goldsmith/Mark Boardman/William Gold
    Composed by:Ash Kabosu/Joe Goldsmith/Mark Boardman/William Gold
    I never was a fan of the internet
    She never felt that safe in her own head
    We both hate the news
    There for the grace of God goes you
    Smiling when I ask if she's bored yet
    Wonder if we took it too far
    Both taste confused
    Darling what am I to do
    I like to think that I'm
    The only guy she'll see tonight
    You can call me what you like
    As long as you call me
    And you can kiss the skin
    From my lips 'til it makes you feel good
    I'm not sure if you want it
    Not sure if you need me too
    And you can taste the beer
    On every guy who talks to you
    But you can't stay awake forever
    No you can't stay awake forever

    So I find myself in your mum's bedroom
    Fighting with the pink roller blinds
    It's on pay-per-view
    Just place your bets on who's lost their minds
    Take a pirouette under duvet set
    Sigh with perfect pitch and with time
    I'm not made for you
    But what else is new
    Oh lord she tells me that it's nothing
    I really hope it's nothing
    This just in
    I am a total ******* dumbass
    And I've come to the uncomfortable conclusion
    I'll be spending the rest of my life in a state
    Of constant paranoia
    Just let me follow you
    And I'll proceed to bang my head on every doorway
    And doorframe you see suitable for us to go through
    And I've found that the road to happiness
    Is paved with rows and rows of very tempting parking spaces
    I'm not paranoid I'm a realist
    I know you're gonna kill me
    But you can't stay awake
    You can't stay awake
    You can't stay awake forever