• Title:Special (feat. SZA) (Explicit)
  • Artist:Lizzo;SZA
  • Album:Special (feat. SZA) [Explicit]
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    Special (feat. SZA) (Explicit) - Lizzo/SZA
    Lyrics by:Melissa Jefferson/Theron Makiel Thomas/Andrew Wansel/Ian Kirkpatrick/Daoud Anthony/Max Martin
    Ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba

    Woke up this morning to somebody judging me
    No surprise they're judging me
    Don't know who I'm supposed to be
    I'm just acting up I'm rash as **** and never saying sorry
    Found out in the end that I can only do it for me
    You call it sensitive
    And I call it superpower
    You just lack empathy
    Cuz you think it gives you power
    All I know is only God can judge me
    I don't hide my heart I wear it on me
    I'm used to feelin' alone oh
    So I thought that I'd let you know
    In case nobody told you today
    You're special
    In case nobody made you believe
    Well I will always love you the same
    I'm so glad that you're still with us
    Broken but d**n you're still perfect
    Could you imagine a world where everybody's the same
    And you could cancel a girl 'cause she just wanted to change
    How could you throw ******* stones if you ain't been through her pain
    That's why we feel so alone that's why we feel so much shame hm
    I know that I'm not alone oh so
    I thought that I'd let you know
    No oh woo
    Uh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
    Nobody told you today
    I will always love you
    I'm so glad so glad so glad
    You are you are you are so
    Mm-mm hey