• Title:When I Get There
  • Artist:P!NK
  • Album:When I Get There
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    When I Get There - P!NK (粉红佳人)
    Lyrics by:David Hodges/Amy Wadge
    Composed by:David Hodges/Amy Wadge
    I think of you when I think about forever
    I hear a joke and I know you would have told it better
    I think of you out of the blue
    When I'm watching a movie that you'd hate
    And you'd say it
    You were never one to hesitate
    You were always first in line
    So why would it be different for heaven
    But I got a couple questions
    Is there a bar up there
    Where you've got a favorite chair
    Where you sit with friends
    And talk about the weather
    Is there a place you go
    To watch the sunset and oh
    Is there a song that you just can't wait to share
    Yeah I know you'll tell me when I get there
    Do you think of me do you wish that I would slow down
    Are there some things that you've seen that feel like home now
    Are you up there climbing trees singing brand new melodies
    I hope you are I know you are
    Yeah you'll tell me when I get there
    Will you save me a place with all those pearls of wisdom
    Yeah I'll make some mistakes and you'll watch me as I live them
    Til I'm through 'til I'm with you
    And talk about talk about the weather
    Yeah I know you'll tell me when I get there yeah