• Title:Beautiful Love (Free Fire)
  • Artist:Justin Bieber
  • Album:Valentine's Day 2023 - cele mai frumoase melodii de dragoste (Explicit)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Beautiful Love (Free Fire) - Justin Bieber
    Lyrics by:Justin Bieber/Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd/Adam Waldman
    Composed by:Justin Bieber/Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd/Adam Waldman
    More than often
    We don't take advantage of the beauty all around us
    All around us
    Ooh more than often
    Take each other's time for granted
    Cause we are always around us
    Oh yea
    Like the blue skies
    We don't appreciate the sun until it rains
    Oh we never do
    Try to see it like a child
    Oh innocence in everything we do
    Oh beautiful beautiful love
    Love love that's who you are

    What a beautiful beautiful love
    Everyday we wake up is a blessing
    Yeah consider everything we do
    A new beginning
    A chance to start over
    And lord knows we ain't perfect
    That's far from our usual
    The journey's more than worth it
    I hope this feeling is mutual
    Your heart is gold
    Yeah my heart is yours
    Wouldn't have it any other way
    It's what we made for
    Love love that's what we are
    Beautiful love is what we are yeah
    Hey hey hey hey hey
    Is who you are
    Hey ooh