• Title:Kids Are Growing Up (Part 1) (Explicit)
  • Artist:The Kid LAROI
  • Album:Kids Are Growing Up (Part 1) [Explicit]
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    Kids Are Growing Up (Part 1) (Explicit) - The Kid LAROI
    Lyrics by:Charlton Howard/Michael Gordon
    Composed by:Charlton Howard/Michael Gordon

    Growing up I used to wanna be my Uncle Wayne
    Until I saw his body layin' in the grave
    Rest in peace
    Growing up I used to want a Jeep Wrangler
    Until I got to drive a Range
    Growing up I used to have a lot of friends
    Until I saw the money change 'em
    Growing up I used to want a lot of h*es
    Until I met Ben Franklin
    I'm writin' this from a place that you ain't heard about
    That you could only comment through the word of mouth
    Growing up I used to tell my ma
    "I'll work it out"
    I worked it out but now still somehow **** ain't working out
    Growing up I watched my favorite rappers interviews
    I ain't believe 'em when they said
    "It ain't all what it seems"
    But now I'm here realized they were tellin' truth
    'Cause you sacrificed yourself for everybody's needs by any means
    I'm married to the game for this diamond ring
    And I spend more time with her than anybody else it seems
    Court side with my ***** we can't see the nosebleeds
    Afterparty Bootsy Bellows h*es make they nose bleed
    Always stressin' 'bout my brother I know this **** hard on him
    Always stressin' 'bout my momma but I know that God got her
    I'm stressin' out more now than what I did at rock bottom
    And I'm blowin' more clouds hopin' that'll help stop it
    It's all smoke and mirrors with these *******
    It's all smoke and mirrors with 'em all
    For real haha
    Promised the world and delivered me a atlas
    But I guess that's how it goes
    Ooh I don't know why I can't believe it
    Oh yeah
    Oh nothin' ever as it seems at all
    I thought my nightmares were my dreams
    Ooh I don't believe
    This ain't what it seems now no